Roudebush Hall Collection 1


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Roudebush Hall Collection 1


Painting, Prints, Photographs


The administration building on campus is replete with work produced mainly by professors both past and present. Works such as Untitled by Professor Ernesto Montes or the numerous etchings created by Professor Ellen Price line the walls of the building. This demonstrates a sense of pride for the talent that lies within the faculty of the university. These artists were given the ability to express their choice of subject matter as well. Rather than create artwork linking directly to the university, the subjects are of the artist’s particular interest. In the lobby of the building there is a large-scale painting by Professor Ernesto Montes. On the first floor one can find the etchings by Professor Ellen Price. The second floor is home to photographs by Professor Rodney Coates.


Ernesto Montes, Ellen Price, Rodney Coates


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