Arrow-Tail Door Handles (on the north facade of Alumni Hall)

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Arrow-Tail Door Handles (on the north facade of Alumni Hall)


The north main facade of Alumni Hall consists of a “projecting flat-roofed portico with balustrade and two smooth stone Tuscan columns and brick piers that create a recessed entry porch” (Miami University Archives). The entrance has a classical stone pattern and paired wood doors with bronze door handles designed by Albert Paley in 1997. The Ohio Percent for Art commissioned artist Albert Paley for the Alumni Hall Project who proposed to design, manufacture and install eight push/pull door handles throughout the building. All the work was designed and executed at the Artists’ studio in Rochester New York, then shipped and installed on site. Each handle weighs approximately 65 pounds and was insured to “not affect the operation or long-term use of the doors with their existing hinges” (Albert Paley). These large-scale formed and fabricated bronze handles cover approximately 2/3 of the vertical area of the door, thereby giving a majestic presence to the entrance. “The sites submitted, I feel, would bring additional focus and enhancement to the original structure and the ambiance of the architectural space.” (Albert Paley).

4 locations for the 4 sets of push-pull handles:
Front door- outside
Rotunda - 2 main office areas
Art/Architecture Library Doors


Albert Paley




Commissioned by The Ohio Percent for Art Program


Sculpture, Bronze


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