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Roudebush Hall Collection 2

The second collection in Roudebush Hall contains woodcuts by Dr. Jerry Morris. Dr. Morris was a former chair of the art department who also has work displayed on the bottom floor of the hall. This collection is less colorful than those on the other floors in the building as they are black and white prints. However, the subject matter of the etchings is ones of hardworking individuals. One of his woodcuts Pappy II is included in the Miami Portfolio, which spearheaded by Professor Ellen Price, whose work is also displayed in this building.  The portfolio contains fifteen works of art created by current and former professors. The inclusion of this work, as well as the many others from the portfolio, shows the dedication Miami has to its arts program. All proceeds from the portfolio, which was completed in 2010, were given to art students as scholarship money. By producing these works of art Miami was not only inspiring professors to create but also allowing another generation of artists to learn the skills of seasoned professors.

It is difficult to find substantial information on many of the works in Roudebush because they were not formally cataloged like a majority of other art on campus. Moreover, when the building was renovated in 2000 there was a committee created for the Ohio Percent For Art program. Yet, there was no project realized with the funding received from the program. Overall the work in Roudebush is a representation of the drive many professors had to make art more prolific on campus.